Stimi Development is a real estate and property development in Norway wich focus in management, finance, consulting, concept and design, marketing and sales. The Stimi logo was designed to repre- sent a blend of the vibrancy found in sensual experiences with the playful precision of geometric shapes. The spectrum of colours and fluid nature of the design reinforces Stimi perspective that the world is a flexible place. It also provides a unique take on independence and free experience. The core logo appears in more than one color variation, and has been arranged in one vibrant pattern.
The colorful pattern play off the idea of connectivity, connecting the square in the Stimi logo, and exhibit a sense of playful surprise. Our carrier is a strong visual unit, we can be bold, dynamic and expressive with it. Using it like a wordmark, we create a fresh new visual language that’s instantly recog- nisable as the Stimi brand.